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Research Publications

Asha C H

Trainee - Research Associate

Asha C H's educational achievements and her project during her post-graduation. Completing a Master's in General Chemistry is a significant accomplishment. Her project on the synthesis of a novel nicotinonitrile-triphenylamine derivative for organic electrochromic applications sounds intriguing and shows her interest in applied organic chemistry. It's great to know that Asha has interests in organic chemistry, spectroscopy, and coordination compounds. These fields offer fascinating opportunities for research and application. Spectroscopy plays a crucial role in the characterization of compounds and understanding their properties, while coordination compounds involve the study of complex formations and their reactivity. Furthermore, Asha's ability to communicate in six languages is impressive and can be a valuable asset in her academic and professional pursuits. It allows her to connect with a diverse range of individuals and access resources in different languages. Her hobbies of reading Kannada books and writing demonstrate her passion for literature and creative expression. These activities can provide a balance to her scientific pursuits and contribute to her personal and intellectual growth. Overall, Asha C H's educational background, research project, and diverse interests indicate a strong foundation in chemistry and a multidisciplinary approach to her studies.
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