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Research Publications

Ashish Nair

Senior Research Associate

I have completed my Master's in Molecular Lifesciences from Friedrich Schiller University,
Germany and Bachelor in Engineering in Biotechnology from New Horizon College of
Engineering, Bangalore. During my master's, my thesis was based on the effect of microbiota on
healthy aging using C.elegans, and my bachelor's thesis was based on the detection of
organophosphorus compounds using biosensors. I am passionate about research in the field of
molecular biology and I have 7 years of industrial experience. My past experience was diverse,
from working in a molecular oncology diagnostic laboratory to designing Invitro diagnostic kits.
In my spare time, I really love reading novels, sketching, and computer gaming. I also love
singing. At Prayoga, I am working as a senior research associate contributing towards educational and
industrial research.

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