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Senior Faculty- Student & Teacher Education

Divyashree has a passion for teaching and exploring new ways of learning biology. With a Master's degree in Applied Genetics from Bangalore University and over 13 years of experience in teaching biology to students from classes 6 to 12, and have a strong foundation to inspire and educate young minds.

It's impressive that Divyashree started teaching at the base level and gradually moved up to train students for different competitive exams. Heading the PU biology department is a significant accomplishment, and it speaks to your expertise in the subject.

Outside of teaching, Divyashree loves traveling and road trips. Exploring different places, such as Leh, Ladakh, Spiti Valley, Rajasthan, and Gujarat on a bike must have been quite an adventure. Traveling can provide valuable experiences and broaden your horizons, which can further enrich your teaching.

Keep up the great work in both teaching biology and pursuing your hobbies. Your dedication and enthusiasm are sure to make a positive impact on your students and inspire them to learn and explore the fascinating world of biology.

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