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Research Associate

PadmaPriya is passionate about theoretical and experimental aspects of science and is particularly excited about the outcome of lab experiments. She has received her post-graduation degree in physics from Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu.

During her M.Sc, PadmaPriya worked on a theoretical quantum mechanical problem. Simultaneously, she cleared TNSLET, a competitive exam for lectureship. Following this, she joined as a Junior Research Fellow at SRM-IST where her research work was on theoretical high energy physics. Here, PadmaPriya worked in the general physics and material science laboratories where she found a deep interest in both conducting experiments as well as teaching students. This subsequently led her to work as an Assistant Professor in an arts and science college. At Prayoga, PadmaPriya is keen on exploring the experiential way of teaching students and finds joy in teaching science education.

PadmaPriay loves traveling, cooking and enjoys interacting with people. Her hobbies are listening to music and reading books.

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