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Dr. P.R. Krishnaswamy

A remarkable scientist and the fountainhead of inspiration for all of us at Prayoga. Prof. PRK is a senior most alumni of the Department of Biochemistry at the Indian Institute of Science. Prof. PRK had several academic associations in the United States. Prof. PRK has spearheaded the establishment of several diagnostic centers in India including Jaslok Hospitals, Mumbai, Manipal Hospitals, Sagar Hospital and Mallya Hospitals, Bangalore. He is a visiting faculty at the Centre for Nano Sciences and Engineering at the IISc and Transdisciplinary University.

A special invitee of the Nobel Committee for Physiology and Medicine to the Nobel Awards Ceremony in 1985. First to develop a simple clinical laboratory test at Jaslok Hospital for Glycated Hemoglobin measurement in Diabetes management. First patents in India for recombinant insulin. Visiting Professor at Cornell University Medical College, New York Hospital, International Cancer Union Fellow. Visiting Scientists to a number of leading Institutes, such as the Weizmann Institute, Israel, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

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