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Research Intern (Postgraduate Student in Science)

Prayoga Institute of Education Research, Kanakapura Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Job Type

Internship (6 months) - March to August



Key Responsibilities:

Collaborate with high school student researchers on a specified scientific project under the guidance of Principal Investigator.
Facilitate knowledge exchange and provide mentorship to high school students.
Design, plan, and execute experiments related to the project.
Ensure accurate data collection and maintain detailed records, analyse research and contribute to the interpretation of results and draw conclusions.
Conduct literature reviews to stay updated on relevant scientific advancements.
Prepare regular progress reports detailing experimental procedures, results, and conclusions and Contribute to the preparation of scientific manuscripts or reports.
Collaborate with fellow researchers, including faculty members and Anveshana students.
Assist in the maintenance of laboratory equipment and supplies and adhere to safety protocols and maintain a clean and organised workspace.
Provide guidance and support to high school student researchers in understanding scientific concepts and experimental techniques and foster a positive learning environment for the high school students.

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