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Learn all about Prayoga's vision, approach, the people behind the initiative and the 6 core areas of education research

Contributing to nation-building through education research

Education is vital to any society. Clarity about the expected outcomes of learning, providing content that aligns with those objectives, adopting pedagogy that helps achieve those objectives and appropriate evaluation methods are some of the key aspects that impact the quality of education.

Consistent and organized pursuit in studying these aspects in the societal, cultural and academic context is essential. The objective pursuit of such knowledge with the intent of providing direction and concrete steps to improve the quality of education is what Prayoga’s Education Research efforts focus on.


To bring about a transformation in society by enhancing the utility and quality of learning through research

About Us_Why Edu Research

Why education research?

Relentless pursuit of knowledge is essential to sustain improvements in any domain. An organized pursuit of such knowledge is research. It is through sustained and focused research that humanity has solved a plethora of problems, be it in the domains of engineering, policy, science, economics or medicine.

Prayoga intends to contribute towards nation building with its focus on education research. As a young and passionate research organization, in the private space, Prayoga is pursuing it's dream of contributing to India's school-level education. Prayoga is currently focused on school-level Science and Mathematics learning.

Prayoga would like to support education researchers as well as those who use the research outcomes in order to enhance pedagogical practices.

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Combining Education Research and Social Initiative 

Prayoga, through its association with philanthropic individuals and organisations will empower schools that cater to the less privileged sections of the society to improve their academic delivery capabilities. As it enables better learning for children, Prayoga is taking the learning back - about the impact of pedagogy, content and evaluation on learning outcomes of children.

This knowledge is invaluable as it factors in the societal and cultural context in which our children learn. Clear strategies and guidelines then evolve to improve teaching standards and learning outcomes of our schools.

The role of education in society is to help improve the quality of life, which is possible through research. Based on empirical data, Prayoga intends to objectively construct the knowledge to make our schools capable of grooming the future citizens of our country. Prayoga is working with a purpose to contribute to educational policies that enable the societal journey towards a promising future.

About Us_People


Meet the Prayoga family


Prayoga is headed and mentored by Dr. H.S.Nagaraja, a distinguished educationist, committed teacher and philanthropist. 


Prayoga is fortunate to have people of great eminence as part of its advisory board, with Justice Dr. M.N.Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India, as the Chairman of the Board and other members who are pioneers in academia and industry.

Prayoga’s team includes young & passionate researchers keen on making a difference to the future of education in our country.


Prayoga's Research Campus at Bengaluru  

SY no 133, Ravugodlu, Bolare Post,

Off Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560116

Prayoga Campus.png

1+ Acres | 25000 sq. ft. | 4 Learning Spaces | Innovation Centre | Teacher Training Facility

- Continuous research on school-level education

- Experiential learning of science enabled in state-of-the-art learning spaces

Teacher training programs to enhance pedagogical capabilities

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