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Learn all about the purpose, scope and intended outcomes of Anveshana, a project that encourages school students to participate in science research.


Our education system needs to be enabled to identify and nurture the next generation of researchers and scientists in India. There is a need to create research opportunities right from the school level, to allow students to explore and discover new scientific frontiers. Their attitudes & capabilities required for rigorous scientific research must be nurtured and enhanced. 

Anveshana, our education research project, is expected to help evolve a framework to nurture world-class researchers as part of the Indian education system. Anveshana enables ‘students showing strong interests and aptitude in a given realm’ to go beyond the curriculum, in line with the National Education Policy 2020 recommendations.

​The Anveshana project provides opportunities for school students to conduct science research. It also seeks to enable Indian schools by assisting them with the tools, knowledge, and resources required to build a culture of scientific research. Anveshana research will study the impact of these research opportunities on students' learning competencies and learning abilities in science.


Context of Anveshana

The current education system, which follows a manicured path with a defined curriculum and course-work,  trains students to pursue certain paths which lead to a successful career. However, the scientific curiosity towards research and the associated technological development is not inclusive in this process. It is imperative that the system gets enabled by a process which activates the mind towards research.

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Anveshana attempts to imbibe in school children, curiosity-driven innovative ideas which go beyond the routine syllabus-based coursework and experimental training. This practical approach will allow the students to explore, discover and invent phenomena with far-reaching application potential, and enable students with the  skills needed to pursue scientific research. This curiosity driven approach can potentially make a significant impact on India's future scientific and technological endeavour, and put India among the top countries in this context.

Purpose of Anveshana

Purpose of Anveshana

The Anveshana initiative consists of practical independent research projects, which involve extended, open-ended scientific investigations undertaken by a student and guided by a researcher. These projects are real- world domain research problems, which extend the knowledge in the specific domain, and could lead to applications.

Anveshana provides students with a realistic & valuable experience of scientific research. Students may also get the opportunity to present or publish their work in conferences and scientific journals. For Prayoga, Anveshana is an education research project, which studies the impact of research as a pedagogy on students' abilities and their attitude towards science.

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Anveshana Research Themes

Research projects in Anveshana will be pursued under the following themes:

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Enrolment in Anveshana

Anveshana offers students from Classes 9 to 12 an opportunity to participate in scientific research projects, undertaken at Prayoga Institute of Education Research. In this direction, Prayoga has established the necessary infrastructure to undertake good quality  research, with best-in-class equipment available to students. Anveshana also provides students with a realistic & valuable experience of scientific research. Students may also get the opportunity to present or publish their work in conferences and scientific journals.


Anveshana students have published their  research in internationally recognized journals, with 5 more papers awaiting publication. 

Anveshana Students have published in international journals including: 

  • Journal of Emerging Investigators - Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA. 

  • Journal of High School Science, Texas, USA. 

  • International Journal of High School Research - Terra Science and Education, New York, USA. 

  • Journal of Research High School, High School Edition,  Willow Place, Texas.

  • Journal of Chromatographic Science, Oxford University Press.

  • World Kidney Day Organization, Belgium.

For a complete list of student publications, click here

Apply for Anveshana

Apply for Anveshana

The outcomes of the Anveshana project will help evolve a framework to identify & nurture world-class researchers as part of the Indian education system. Prayoga intends to work with progressive schools in enabling Anveshana.

Prayoga provides an opportunity to bright young students with a deep interest coupled with capabilities in science, who are passionate about pursuing a career in science research. Partner schools can recommend suitable students for the Anveshana project.

The application form needs to be completed by the school. Please carefully fill all the sections of the application form and upload the scanned copy.

Apply for Anveshana

Anveshana MENTORs

Prayoga is fortunate to be associated with Research Mentors, who will offer guidance and direction to Anvehsana Research Projects.

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