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Learn all about the different ways in which schools, research institutions and educational organisations can partner with Prayoga on its research projects

Partner With Prayoga

Prayoga intends to work with research organisations, institutions, schools and academic institutions.



The following partnerships are available for schools looking to associate with Prayoga:

Kriya-enablement in Schools

Experiential Learning of Science 

Kriya is an education research project and a social initiative, aimed at contributing to nation-building by transforming science learning at school level. Kriya is not a commercial proposition. It is a long- term partnership between the school and Prayoga to ensure transformation of science learning in the school through research.

Prayoga intends to support schools interested in transforming themselves to help their students learn Science through an experiential way. 


Prayoga intends to 'Kriya-enable' schools catering to the Economically weaker section of society, and those deprived of access to good learning resources - at near zero cost. For deserving EWS schools, Prayoga will help in finding funding partners.

Empanel for Anveshana

Experiential Learning of Science 

Anveshana is a project that encourages school students to participate in research. It also seeks to enable Indian schools by assisting them with the tools, knowledge and resources required to build a culture of scientific research.

Prayoga intends to work with progressive schools in enabling Anveshana.

Prayoga provides an opportunity to bright young students with a deep interest coupled with capabilities in science, who are passionate about pursuing a career in science research. Partner schools can recommend suitable students for the Anveshana project.

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Research Institutions

Prayoga is currently involved in education research in school level science and mathematics learning. We are open to associations and research collaborations in the areas of scientific and education research.

Prayoga is currently pursuing research in the following areas -

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