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Learn all about Kriya enablement; Objective, opportunity, and more. Now, schools catering to students from Economically Weaker Sections of society can enable Kriya at their school at near zero cost.

Enable Kriya in your school

Kriya is an education research project and a social initiative, aimed at contributing to nation-building by transforming science learning at school level.

The research aspect of the Kriya program will seek to understand the impact of experiential learning on students from a cross-section of schools in India's societal context. The social initiative aspect of Kriya is a long- term partnership with schools, wherein an individual school will embrace and adopt the Kriya way of learning science. Prayoga intends to transform schools catering to the economically weaker sections of society at near-zero cost to the school

Kriya is not a commercial proposition. It is a long- term partnership between the school and Prayoga to ensure transformation of science learning in the school through research.


Kriya enablement seeks to transform a cross-section of schools, by enabling the adoption of the Kriya way of learning science. 

Kriya enablement will help create a learner-centric and experiential ecosystem in its partner schools. By adopting this model for Science learning, Prayoga will seek to understand the impact of experiential learning on students through collecting data relevant for the education research. The data is likely to help Prayoga identify meaningful and significant findings in improving teaching and learning of science.

How is kriya enabled

How is Kriya Enabled?

Prayoga proposes a multi-year engagement model for Kriya enablement. Once the school is self-sustained in operations and academics, then the initiative will phase out from the school. 

The proposed engagement model, along with the support provided for each phase, is as given here:

Kriya-Multiyear Engagement.png



School will take ownership of the process

Prayoga will handhold the school

The Kriya enablement initiative will work with three main stakeholders on the responsibilities mentioned in the below table:


The initiative will provide support for Classes 6 to 10, and for Science only. It supports the school both in operations and academics.

Four stages of engagement

The Kriya Process

Each stage of Kriya enablement entails the following activities as shown in the image:

Kriya - Process flowchart.png

The role of the school

The successful implementation of the Kriya initiative depends on three critical success factors:

  • the commitment of the school management towards adopting the Kriya way of learning science

  • the support, direction and leadership of the head of institution/principal, and 

  • the science teachers’ engagement in the Kriya enablement process. The school has to provided data about students’ learning 

kriya opportunity

Kriya Opportunity

For Schools catering to Economically Weaker Sections

For schools catering to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of society, Prayoga intends the transformation of the school through Kriya enablement at near-zero cost to the school. Prayoga intends to work with philanthropic agencies and people for such initiatives.

Apply for Kriya

Apply for Kriya Enablement

If you are a progressive school looking for support to realize your dream of a high-quality science education for your students, Kriya enablement offers an excellent opportunity. Partner with Prayoga by enrolling for the Kriya enablement initiative and get started on the journey to attain your academic goals.

Apply for Kriya enablement today.

Click here for the Application:

Once you apply, Prayoga will conduct an initial check for suitability and adaptability of the school for the initiative.

For any general queries about Kriya, please write to

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