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Prayoga is recognised as a Science and Industrial Research Organization by the DSIR, Government of India.

We at Prayoga, envisage conducting research in Science and Education at our facility.


Both Education Research and Domain Research at Prayoga intend to develop learning solutions that amalgamate social impact and science research toward nation-building. This integrated approach positions Prayoga as a unique education research institution in the country.


The steadfast conviction of Prayoga in the transformative power of education and the recognition of research in sustainability as core components of the nation's future, provide direction to the projects, programmes and research activities undertaken here. 

Science Research

Our work encompasses five key thematic areas including Green Chemistry & Technologies, Advanced & Functional Materials, Earth Sciences, Wellness, Agriculture & Food Sciences.


By blending insights from multiple fields, we aim to generate holistic solutions that not only have a meaningful impact on the progress of science in the country but also drive innovation, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and shape the future of scientific discovery.


Education Research

Education Research at Prayoga examines the role of experiential learning as a pedagogy on the competencies of learners, developing robust and field-tested resources to enable inquiry-based learning.


The ongoing social impact programs, Kriya, Anveshana, Prerana, and RQM, incorporate a research structure to evaluate the impact of these programs on their beneficiaries.


Explore publications from our science and education research verticals.

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